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Published Friday October 18, 2013  
Are you still questioning or confused about using Twitter to grow your business and brand? The Twitter platform has continued to grow and help businesses and brands impact a broader reach of people.

The 2013 Inbound Marketing Report confirms 36% of marketers found a customer from Twitter this year. Twitter has actually surpassed Facebook in terms of Fortune 500 adoption rates with 73% having corporate Twitter accounts, 66% corporate Facebook accounts and 62% corporate YouTube accounts. (Sometimes stats are needed!) Some of the not so obvious benefits of using Twitter are brand building, visibility, prospecting, and monitoring trends. Twitter is one of the few social media pillars that has not only survived but is thriving.

Here are 4 Easy Ways to Use Twitter to Market Yourself and Your Business.
  1. Provide Valuable Tips, Tools and Resources to Your Community
    Create content and be a content provider in whatever industry you are in or want to be known for. Mix up original content and leading trusted sources on your Twitter feed. If you have a blog, tweet it!
  2. Feature and Promote Your Trusted Colleagues
    Twitter is the perfect media to show your support of and for trusted colleagues and what they are doing. Re-Tweet their Twitter posts to your community. Supporting others for the right reasons goes a long way!
  3. Explore #Hashtagging
    Use an existing hashtag if you want to join in an ongoing conversation or start one of your own. Pick a topic, an issue, person, story or trend and chime in. That hashtag, when clicked will point people to where all the activity is about it. #conversation
  4. alison drake twitter marketingUse and Include Visual Images and Video Links
    Using visual images and video on Twitter allows your followers a glimpse into your personal world and your business world. If you are using the Tweet Deck or HootSuite app, your images will show on their screens.

Score has scores of templates & tools to help you grow your presence on Twitter. Small Business Trends offers some do's and don'ts. Do a little research for what is fitting for you.

Curious as to who has the most followers? Check it out: Top 100 Twitter users. It's true, people are REALLY looking at, following and interested in what people are saying on Twitter. What's in your next 160 character tweet?

Follow me at @alisondrake. See you on Twitter.

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