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Published Thursday October 25, 2012  


As trends have it, they come, they grow and they go to the next part of their cycle.

Remember when our desktop computer was the hottest, most connected piece of technology we were using? We couldn't wait to get home so we could get online! Well fast forward to today and mobile communication is rocketing into morphing desk top usage. Engagement rates via mobile are the highest in the financial vertical (21.5%), followed by retail (14.3%) and entertainment (12.1%) and auto (9.9%) close behind.

People are buying off mobile devices at record pace. A Javelin Strategy & Research report predicts that mobile payments are on pace to hit more than $20.7 billion.

Although desktops are still very much in play and people will continue to spend time getting online, the new 'real time' frontier is mobile not desktop! Smart phones, tablets, IPads and Netbooks are all making immediate, real time online engagement, commerce and activity possible and this is future of our web and online life.

It is being suggested that m-commerce (mobile, digital) has advantages over e-commerce (website, desktop or laptop) and that 80.6% of US smartphone users (85.9 million in total) have accessed retail content on their devices via m-commerce with Amazon Sites as the leading destination!

What are you doing to prepare your company for the m-commerce explosion?

Here are a few tips.

  • Leverage and engage in social media which drives brand engagement and lead generation.
  • Create more video and post them on your websites, blog and Youtube.
  • Create sales promotions which become calls to action.
  • Have a join or sign up box on your sites to capture emails.

Here are the top 10 social networking sites and forums! Make sure you are using the top ones that your customers are using and engaging in. Have a plan, strategy and consistency with how you are using them.
Here are some of the top e-commerce sites, where you can see how they are engaging, serving and creating their experience with customers.

AD Marketing and Communications can help your business be ready, armed and up to date to welcome mobile customers.