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Published Thursday February 21, 2013  
When it comes to anything marketing today, we can all agree how much things have changed, but also how the fundamentals still work. Fundamentals that are timeless will always work if they are applied and adapted.

We enjoyed reading an article by digital analyst, strategist and sociologist Brian Solis, about "Exploring the 5th and 6th Ps of Marketing", because this is our business and our background.

The marketer E. Jerome McCarthy proposed a four P's classification in 1960, which has been used by marketers throughout the world.

The fundamental 4 P's of marketing: product, price, place and promotion will always be the base line, but new media marketing adds a multitude of essential marketing fundamental to this mix now.

Solis says, "We now live in an era where customers are more connected, informed, and empowered, and as a result, their expectations amplify and modify".

The 4 P's will always apply to the fundamentals of solid marketing.
  • Is the PRODUCT marketable and bankable and finds and fills a viable niche?
  • Is it PRICED competitively to sell?
  • Is it being PLACED in front of the target audience who can use or recommend it?
  • Is it being PROMOTED where target customers are motivated to buy?

The 5th and 6th P's suggested in Brian's article add two important dimensions for 21st century relevance.
  • Is it reaching PEOPLE in a way that taps into their empathy?
  • Is it sending the right PURPOSE for why it should be considered and consumed?

AD Marketing wants to add six more P's that we believe are important in today's marketing process that we use in our approach with our clients.


The marketing and branding strategy that goes into the success of products and services today reflects the prominence that the consumer now has in it. The customer experience now becomes the deal breaker.

Are you creating that experience for your customers?

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