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Published Tuesday November 20, 2012  
In today's business world, you'll probably get just one chance to make a dynamite first impression and that's why, how you look online, on your marketing materials, and in person is so important.

We are judge by our visual image and branding. It makes a statement, gives an important first vibe and can make all the difference in what next step someone is willing to take.

So what's your SWAG, both inside and out?

It starts with your Sparkle. How you look and your personality. Being optimistic, outgoing and having humility and humor are what sparkle is all about. These qualities are magnetic. My colleague and friend Deborah Shane talks about the 5 Keys to Styling Your Personal Branding:
  • Find Your Sweet Spot and Live there.
  • Look Like a Million Bucks.
  • Serve More, Sell Later.
  • Be More, Do More.
  • Suit up, Show Up and Speak Up.
According to marketing software giant Hub Spot: "Social media is changing--its rushing into its most visual stage. If you aren't prepared for the visual content revolution, you may be left in the dust."

This year, at AD Marketing we took our visual imaging and marketing, as well as our clients very seriously and to the next step! We made sure our websites, blog sites and social media sites were all real time, up to date, appealing, easy to find and easy to navigate.

We call it "The Sum of All Things Concerned", where we use media, technology, social platforms and engagement to coordinate the movement of multiple disciplines to capture market attention, engagement and action.

Here's Top 10 Brands. They all have a distinct visual presence.

We start with and can help you with ideas about your own brand identification, helping you break through the clutter and making sure that you gain the attention you need to stand out and be successful.

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