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Published Thursday September 13, 2012  


We've come a long way from sending memos and snail mailing, but at the time, those were the ways we reached the masses or multiple people at the same time with one message. We still do that!
Fast forward to Email Marketing today, which has the capacity to reach people locally or globally, quickly, affordably and in a highly targeted way. Again, the more things change, the more they stay the same. In this case, being able to reach more people, with a much broader reach has unlimited benefits and potential for businesses big and small.

Emarketer reports that: "Interactive marketing is becoming a larger part of the marketing mix, and Forrester estimates that by 2016, online advertising spend will be equivalent to television spend today. Marketers will spend $77 billion on interactive marketing by 2016."

According to Strong Mail's annual marketing trends survey, conducted by Zoomerang, the majority (68%) of business executives worldwide said they plan to integrate their social media marketing efforts with email in 2012.

My colleague and friend Deborah Shane says, "Email marketing integrated with social media has many tangible advantages, plus the social proof that it works is undeniable".

Here are some key tips to successful email marketing.

alison drake email marketingThe Power of Permission
There is great power and responsibility in permission based email marketing, as long as you are using it appropriately and respecting your community. If someone gives you permission to email them, respect it.

Be Consistent and Bring Value
Create a monthly Newsletter with specific themes and content that is thoughtful and highly targeted to what your followers need and want from you.

Integrate and Unify Your Message Across All Media
Unify the message and visuals across your social media, blog, websites, podcasting, video and mobile.

Here is an example of how you can use email marketing that we created for one of our clients Kenmark Air!

The business landscape, best practices and tools of the trade of our times call for smart communications that serve people and help brand us as leaders and experts in our field. There is no better way to communicate that directly and personally than with Email Marketing.